Master Key Systems

If a master key suite is just what you need our locksmiths at Tyne Tees Locks can provide these systems for both commercial and residential properties.

A master key system allows you to quite simply have one key, to access different doors within a property. Meaning only those who are authorised can access certain areas. This gives the management of different keys a lift as you can also restrict copying etc etc

Benefits of a Master Key System:

  • It provides you with a level of security using as few keys as possible
  • They can be easy to use – so long as you get the right system!
  • You control who has access to specific areas
  • All cylinder locks and types can be locked with just one key
  • You can break the system down to sub master level – similar to a pyramid – ie Grand master key – sub master keys – individual room keys.

We can supply and fit master key systems to any premises be it your home or business to properties which you may own (flats, multi-occupancy etc). A landlord will especially like these systems as it means that his grandmaster key will allow him only access to all his locks.

We can also offer more complex systems to businesses such as hotels, schools, shops, offices etc. We’re on hand to provide a solution to meet your needs. We can also manage your system allowing only the dedicated person or persons to order new keys – this would be using restricted security key system, allowing extra security and less keys in use.

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