Master Key Systems

A Master Key System allows you to quite simply have one key, to access different doors within a property. Meaning only those who are authorised can access certain areas. 

It now come in all shapes and sizes and are now much more common across a range of premises than you might think! 

Tyne Tees Locks are specialists when it comes to providing you with solutions to all your locking needs, including finding the perfect master key system for your property. 

As well as offering advice on the perfect locking system we also provide an exceptionally high level of customer service.

In case of emergencies, we aim to be with you within 30 minutes of your initial call and we can also offer key cylinder compatibility checks, as well as master key installation and repairs on the spot! 

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In essence, a master key system allows you to have one key to access different doors within a property. 

This allows you to control and monitor who has access to individual keys for different areas, and who has a master key to be able to access all areas.   

We understand that not everyone needs to have access to all rooms or all offices.  Using this system allows you to manage this as well as stay in control, and ultimately make your life easier. 

Think about your situation.  Do you have office space with multiple rooms inside?  Are you a landlord with numerous individual properties? 

Then having a master key system could be the perfect solution for you! 

For example, if someone is away or they’ve lost their keys and you need access, your main key will work without the need for you to; ring around to find another key; call out an emergency locksmith or in stressful situations, damage the door and lock! 

At Tyne Tees Locks we can provide master key systems for both commercial and residential properties throughout Newcastle and the Northeast. 


  • It provides you with a level of security using as few keys as possible
  • They are easy to use – so long as you get the right system!
  • You control who has access to specific areas
  • Cost-effective

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Look no further than the number one locksmith in Newcastle and the Northeast, Tyne Tees Locks.

We can supply and fit master key systems to domestic premises such as your own home (from all external doors to garages and outbuildings) to properties which you may own (flats and multi-occupancy etc).

We also offer more complex systems to businesses such as hotels/schools/shops/offices etc.  And we’re on hand to provide a solution to meet your needs.  We also ensure that in order for people to get a copy of the master key they must obtain the owner’s verification as well as written consent – this would be using restricted security key systems. 


Great that you’re thinking about a master key system, but now is the time to pick the right one for you.  You need to find someone who really knows their locks.  A locksmith who can offer expert advice and guidance on different types of keys and cylinders.  A locksmith who can provide a master key system that meets your requirements and works with your budgets. 

From expert installation and repairs to providing the very best in security guidance and proposals, we customise the master key system to you.  

Things to look out for and consider: 

  • Check the compatibility of your door compared to the different cylinder types and options.
  • Understand the level of security that you require and would like in an ideal world.
  • Know your budgets!

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, our customers return to us time and time again because they trust us. 

What’s more, because of our emergency service there’s no need for employees to be locked out, disrupting your day to day working practices, as with Tyne Tees Locks we aim to reach all our customers within 30minutes for any emergency, and that includes master lock systems! 

Of course, master key systems aren’t the only service we offer!  


  • Lock installation, repairs, and fitting
  • Auto Locksmith
  • Safe installation, removal, and disposal
  • Residential and Commerciallocksmithing services 
  • UPVC specialists
  • And much more!

All our engineers are CRB checked and vetted – we’re here to provide you with complete peace of mind. 

And, with Tyne Tees Locks: 

  • All payment methods are accepted
  • We provide clear pricing – parts and labour included
  • We offer a full guarantee
  • We’re available 24/7 for emergencies

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