Must Visit Attractions in Middlesbrough

Attraction in Middlesbrough

If you are planning a visit to Middlesbrough in near term then you need to make a proper plan as there is lot to explore in Middlesbrough. The history of Middlesbrough was very vast and there are lot of elements that has contributed to the image which Middlesbrough holds today. Whether it is museum, art gallery, recreational parks, transport bridges, shopping malls or theatres, the town is packed with everything. Here is a list of must visit attractions in Middlesbrough that will make your journey a memorable one – 

Dorman Museum:  

It is considered as one of the best masterpiece that you will find in Middlesbrough. Dorman Museum is recognized as an iconic landmark in the town since its establishment in the year 1904. The exterior and interior of museum is peerless and it features awesome creative work of art from both outside and inside.  

Stewart Park:  

The park covers more than 100 acres of area that include lakes, woodland and pet corner. Stewart Park is a favourite destination for family visit as the park features sightseeing that will interest people of all ages. The park organizes lot of interesting events such as Cleveland Show on occasional basis. So, if you are planning to visit the park and you are across the High street, when you see Tyne Tees Locks, Middlesbrough from there, you are only about 14 minutes away from the park. (Please add this sentence) 

Middlesbrough Theatre: 

Situated only 10 minutes drive from the centre part of Middlesbrough, this theatre is known for a quite extraordinary history. It is one of the most sought after destinations for the people who are fond of acting.  

Cleveland Shopping Centre:  

If you are crazy about shopping and love carrying some souvenir from different parts of the world, then you should not miss Cleveland Shopping Centre. It features more than 50 different stores that offer variety of items to shop for. 

The Tunnel Gallery:  

Similar to the famous tunnels in other parts of the world, there is a unique tunnel in Middlesbrough that demonstrates creative work of famous artists. The Tunnel Gallery remains open all day and you can expect a new exhibit being organized here after every 2 months.  

The Townhouse:  

If you want to enjoy nightlife in Middlesbrough then The Townhouse is a most preferred place to visit. Enjoy indie disco on Tuesdays, while on weekends you can try cocktails here. The Townhouse offers you several reasons to come back and it is a destination that you will definitely recommend to your friends.  

Roseberry Topping:  

What attracts visitors to Roseberry Topping is its totally unique shape of greenery. This is a place where you will get an opportunity to know about the life of Captain Cook. Carry binoculars while visiting this awesome place to spot several woodland birds passing by this picturesque destination.  

Tees Transporter Bridge: 

Middlesbrough is notable for several technological and modern structural establishments such as Tees Transporter Bridge that highlight the history of Middlesbrough.  It is well known as the world’s longest transporter bridge which is open for walk or bike ride for visitors.  

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If you want to visit attractions that are beyond ordinary then Middlesbrough offers you a perfect treat. Apart from some of the key destinations listed above, there are several other attractions that you can include in your trip to Middlesbrough 

Directions from Tyne Tees Locks to Yarm Castle

Walk south-east on High St/A67
Turn right onto High Church Wynd
Turn right onto West St

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