The Newcastle Attractions You Have To See

Newcastle Upon Tyne is a beautiful city and one that you really have to visit at some point in your lifetime. Like so many cities throughout the UK, Newcastle is not only packed full of culture, but it is also a trend setting and vibrant city that is popular for a variety of different tourists.

Hopefully, when you are visiting, you will have plenty of time to take in all the Newcastle attractions possible. But sometimes you may find that you run out of time. With this in mind, we have put together our list of the Newcastle attractions that you have to make the time to see.

Newcastle Castle

When you think of Newcastle, chances are that you won’t instantly think of somewhere that would have a castle. But it does. In fact, Newcastle Castle is a great place to see. With 2,000 year old history there is plenty to learn and find out if you visit here, as well as get a bit of an insight into the rich backstory of the amazing city too!

Great North Museum: Hancock

If you are definitely in the museum mood, then one that should grace the top of your list is the Great North Museum: Hancock. Built as a natural history museum, here you will find a number of different collections that all come together to make a popular family day out. Not only are there a number of exhibitions and expert talks, but there are also a wide variety of interactive learning opportunities for the younger visitors too. Best of all, it is completely free!

Eldon Garden Shopping Centre

There is absolutely no chance that you are going to come to Newcastle and not want to at least take a look at the famous shopping. One of the best places to visit has to be the Eldon Garden Shopping Centre. Not only will you find a variety of fashion and lifestyle brands there, but also a number of places that you can stop and eat too. Best of all, the centre itself is beautifully designed, all things that come together to make the ultimate shopping experience. From clothes to a locksmith, in Newcastle you will always find the shop you need.

Theatre Royal

If you are staying in Newcastle for the night, then why not book in a visit to the theatre? The Theatre Royal is a fantastic venue and has definitely earnt its title as one of the leading theatres in the whole of England. Built during the 1700s, whilst the building itself may be old, the shows that it has there are anything but!

Jesmond Dene

When you think of Newcastle attractions, then chances are that you won’t think of Jesmond Dene. This natural and beautiful tourist spot is an entirely different side to Newcastle. Here you will not only find the ideal spot for a family picnic amongst some stunning green scenery, but you will also find a variety of wildlife there too.

As you can see, one thing that you will soon realise about Newcastle attractions is that there are plenty to choose from. Why not plan a trip to this fascinating city and discover heritage, culture shops and food that will astound and impress you?

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By car 10 min (3.2 miles)

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