Find the Perfect Places to Eat in Durham City

Fine Dining Restaurants in Durham

While visiting some of the best sightseeing of Durham city, you will definitely search for the best Durham Restaurants that will serve you some of the special cuisine of the city. Whether you like experimenting with different types of food items or you want to try the regular menu, you will find everything in Durham. Here is a list of places in Durham that will serve you mouth-watering food while in the city: 

Bishop Cosin’s Almshouse

The variety of items available in the menu of this cafe will definitely make you stunned. Bishop Cosin’s Almshouse is located in the prime location of the city and it attracts so many visitors who pass by. The hotel brags about its 17th architecture that gives you a feeling of eating food in a heritage place.  

Botanic garden café:

Located on the edge of the beautiful Durham city, Botanic garden café has something that you will not find in any other café in the city. The sandwiches prepared from the local Durham make this café a perfect destination of foodies.   

The Brasserie at Rockliffe Hall Hotel

If you want to taste special cuisine of Durham made by experienced chefs with unique ingredients then The Brasserie at Rockliffe Hall Hotel is a place to be. The hotel not only provides nutritious food but also recognized for offering some breathtaking views.   

Headlam Hall Restaurant

It is listed in some of the award winning restaurants of Durham. It has been serving quality food since many years with specialty in British food that feature ingredients available only in specific region of Durham. The chefs at Headlam Hall Restaurant use local ingredients in their recipe that are produced from their own garden.  

Ciao Ciao

This fabulous bakery café offers you wide range of bakery products including soups, breads, sandwiches and salads.  What lets this café to stand out in the competition is its recipe of honey and almond biscuits. The feta pie is another cosmopolitan food item that you will love to try during your visit to this café. Ciao Ciao is only 25 minutes away from Tyne Tees Locks. 

Leonard’s Coffee House

Located in an extremely crowdie area of the city, Leonard’s Coffee House is a home for the shoppers, designers, craftsmen and local people who work in the nearby factories. It is an ideal place where people ease themselves during morning breakfast and afternoon meals.  


Being famous amongst students, Zen offers special treat for curry lovers. The food menu of Zen offers variety of British mains. In very small time, this restaurant has become popular in young generation as they find special connection with this place.  

Oldfield’s Noted Eating House

It is highly preferred by local foodies as it features special range of British food menu that is hard to find anywhere else. Oldfield’s Noted Eating House has a strong network with local farmers and food material suppliers. This is what allows them to produce such a delicious cuisine prepared from local ingredients.  

The above mentioned Durham cafes and Durham restaurants are some of the best ones in the lot that are recommended by the food rating agencies.

From Tyne Tees Locks to Ciao Ciao

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