Things to Do in Durham City

Night At The River Wear - Places to Visit in Durham

Being one of the finest cities in England, Durham is replete with numerous must-visit places and must-do things.  Think of the magnificent cathedral poised near River Wear or the castle and you will know how wonderful it not only looks from a distance, but exploring provides a different essence altogether. That’s not all! Every year plenty of visitors and tourists come over and they discover a wealth of options in terms of seeing and doing. From unique visual and performing arts to great nightlife, picturesque natural sightseeing to indulging in quality retail therapy; there’s no dearth of options when it comes to this city.

Here’s a list of things to do in Durham city:

Castle Mont Rouge

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This is basically the work of a famous artist Robert Mihaly, set against the picturesque view of a long mountain road against some houses. Originally, the block structure was made of marble and cinder that would serve the purpose of being a part time studio cum home. Unfortunately, the castle is in dire need of repair at this moment. One can still go for its sheer beauty and exquisiteness.

Duke Lemur Centre

A group of researchers had bought a share of the Duke Forest that would be the natural habitat of these animals and the centre has since then, kept growing. Apart from rendering protection to the little apelets, the sanctuary delves deep within to find answers about where lie the similarities and differences between humans and the prosimians. For getting here, one needs to take an appointment beforehand for safety reasons.

The Can Opener

This is ‘no ordinary trestle’ as it can lead any vehicle to move to a place where it would shudder! This is why it was known among truckers and locals as ‘The Can Opener’. The bridge is actually sitting just 11 feet and 8 inches above the road, which is more than 2 feet less than the minimum standards of clearance. So, it’s almost a brush with danger for modern trucks to simply pass safely beneath. Even when the North Carolina Department of Transportation has been held responsible for maintaining the road, things are not quite okay.

Myers House

The actual location is in Hillsborough in North Carolina, which the replica was built by the ‘biggest Halloween fan’ named Kenny Caperton. The interiors have been made suitably and updating has been only to help it make liveable. Also, the decorations look brilliant and absolutely conducive to the very purpose of building the house. Check for masks and memorabilia that take you to the haunted days! Usually, visitors are encouraged to come during October to the ‘private residence’.

The next time you visit Durham, don’t forget to visit these places without fail. In fact, there are more and it will actually be exciting if you decide to explore the entire city. Perhaps, you will find some of the most exotic destinations that will only add to the existing list of things to do in Durham city and let others crave for more. You will can also find trusted locksmiths in Durham city.

Directions from Tyne Tees Locks to Prince Bishop Shopping Centre

Get on A1 in Gateshead from Forth St, A189 and A184
Take A1(M) to A690 in Durham. Take exit 62 from A1(M)
Follow A690 to Leazes Rd

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