What does a professional locksmith look like?

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A professional locksmith: someone who knows their trade and can do much more than replace and install locks and keys.

Much more.

With the number of rogue locksmiths on the rise, finding and working with a professional locksmith has never been so important.

What can a professional locksmith do:

  • Cut all types of keys, i.e., garage door keys, back door, UPVC keys, keys for padlocks, cars, etc.
  • Supply, install and fix window and door locks on both UPVC and wood. UPVC locks are a specialist area, and a professional locksmith will be required to fit and install such locks.
  • Work with a range of safes. Safes should be professionally installed and maintained. A professional locksmiths work in this area will include:
    • Opening safes – digital and click
    • Repairing and maintaining safes
    • Supplying and installing
    • Moving and disposing
  • Provide the best auto locksmith service around. Specialising in car keys as well as key fobs, a professional locksmith makes use of the technology available to them. Specifically specialising in:
    • Copying car keys
    • Repairing keys and car locks
    • Reprogramming car keys and remote keys
    • Replacing lost keys
  • Provide 24/7 emergency locksmith service. No matter the time of day, a professional locksmith will be available to you when you need them most. Replacing and changing locks when you find yourself locked out, a break-in has occurred, you’ve lost your keys, or you need a spare key cutting.
  • DBS checked and vetted. Professional locksmiths will all be DBS checked and inspected, vans will be sign written, and ID badges or uniforms will be worn.

What can’t a professional locksmith do?

• Unlock a door to break into a property that you don’t own or live in.
• Use a credit card to unlock your door – trust us; it’s a myth!

When on the lookout for a locksmith, make sure to confirm the price and check that this is standard across the sector. Rogue and national locksmiths have a nasty habit of overcharging for often a substandard job!

Make sure to choose a locksmith whose service is unquestionable; their online reviews boast a high-quality service, and they’re a team that lives up to the highest of industry standards.

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