Why Use a Local Locksmith?

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Ok, we promise this isn’t a sales plea but more of a “let’s save our customers from being robbed, having a half-hearted job done, with a middle man who organises the chaos.”

No matter what trade you’re looking for and who you might be looking to hire, it’s always important to know who you’re actually working with.

Why Use a Local Locksmith

For example, have you heard of the company before? Do you have personal contact and someone you can call if things just aren’t quite right? What about their reputation, experience, past customers? How quickly can they reach you and where are they actually coming from?

What’s more, sometimes, even if you are given a local number, it still doesn’t mean that the company in question are actually local. Numbers can be bought, redirected, etc, so it’s essential to do your research before you get started.

As a local locksmith in Middlesbrough, we pride ourselves on serving our local community and providing solutions for broken or damaged locks, emergency call outs, cars, safes and more.

However, we have worked with more and more customer recently who have spoken to us about their bad experiences of using a national locksmith.

The problem with using a national locksmith

The most significant and most shocking information we can tell you is that the majority of national locksmiths don’t actually hire locksmiths! They’re only the middlemen.

What actually happens is that they will advertise for locksmiths within local areas, for example in Redcar and Cleveland or Hartlepool and then they’ll subcontract the work out to any local locksmith who comes forward. In turn, these locksmiths will be paid a portion of the cost that you will be charged.

The second and maybe a little controversial point about national locksmiths, is that we tend to find only locksmiths who are struggling for work to be the ones who would work for a national locksmith.

You then have to ask the question, why are they struggling? Do they have enough training and knowledge to complete the job at hand? What are the standards of their work or customer reviews like?

Reputable local locksmiths will have built up a portfolio of clients over the years. They will have contracts with their regular customers and a base for repeat business.

Finally, morally, any local locksmith worth his weight in gold, wouldn’t work for a national company knowing the prices that they charge customers – usually we find this to be triple the price of what a local locksmith would charge!

Don’t buy into the hype

Training and requirements

Most locksmiths come with years of experience! I know the team at Tyne Tees Locks do! As well as the training that’s involved it is also this experience that teaches you about the different locks, solutions and even tricks of the trade. Not every “I’m locked out, please help” call is the same, and an experienced and knowledgeable locksmith will be aware of this.

With national locksmiths, they can often entice “newbie locksmiths” into the sector with a three-day intensive training course. Great for those that want to learn a new skill, but can you really learn everything there is to learn about locksmithing in just three days?!

Things such as picking locks, UPVC door repairs which are much more common now, vehicle entry systems and knowing that not everyone has a key, new lock installations, door entry systems and more – we might be being a little naive to think all of this and more can be covered in just three days.

Benefits of using a local locksmith

It cuts out the middleman – so automatically saves you money. But local locksmiths also save you money as we charge fair and reasonable prices for work carried out, we have much smaller overheads, so these cost savings are passed on to our customers.

Local locksmiths can be more available. Whether it be Guisborough or Stockton on Tees, a local locksmith knows the area, they know how long it will take to reach you, and they are much more flexible in the timescales on offer.

Local companies are much more concerned about customer satisfaction. We want repeat customers; we want to build up an excellent reputation and offer a service that exceeds our customer’s expectations. National companies just want the job done, and more often than not you don’t hear from them again – especially if you have any concerns or complaints!

If you’re looking for a higher standard of work when it comes to the security of your home or business premises, look for a local locksmith who can help you with all your locksmithing needs.

How to distinguish between a local and a national locksmith

  • Listen out for a local accent
  • Do they have original online reviews and what do they say?
  • Are they asking for money upfront?
  • Make sure to ask them how much the job will cost – are they vague in their reply?
  • Are their prices competitive? Check online to see what the average is in your area.

Don’t let national locksmith companies tempt you with their low price offers and deals.

Check the fine print as for all these prices might be low on labour charges, you’ll soon find out that they can often “sting” you on the parts!

Local locksmiths offer an entirely different level of service

At Tyne Tees Locks we operate throughout Middlesbrough helping customers with broken locks, replacement locks, car locks and everything in between. Our vans are all sign written, all of our staff wear an appropriate uniform and we are all DBS checked and vetted.

If you need a local locksmith, who has over 20 years’ experience of working with customers throughout the North East, then call us today on 01642 450 520

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