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‘Tis the Season To Be Careful.

Tis the Season to be careful and Locksmith at Christmas
Tis the season for the most wonderful time of year. You’re organised, prepared, sorted and ready for the eventful time that is Christmas. You’ve managed to hide all the presents from the kids and you have stocked up on everyone’s favourite tipple. The turkey will soon be ready to collect and you can relax, knowing that everyone is happy and content!,

Yes, at Tyne Tees Locksmiths we agree it is the best time of year (who doesn’t get excited at the thought of a new pair of socks at Christmas?!) however, we also know from insurance and police reports that it’s also the time of year where we, unfortunately, see a spike in the number of burglaries.
So to make sure it stays the most wonderful time of year, we’ve pulled together some last minute advice to keep your home and your contents safe this Christmas.


• Make sure you close blinds or curtains, so presents and toys etc aren’t visible to anyone walking past your windows. Or making sure things are out of sight and not directly on display.
• If you have a house alarm, use it! It’s one of the biggest deterrents you can have.
• If you have presents stored in safe places outside the home, i.e. shed or garage, make sure you have locks on these doors too (these are the most common places for people to hide presents so make sure they’re locked away safe and secure).
• Don’t leave empty boxes on show outside so everyone can see you have the new PlayStation or X-box for example. If they don’t fit into your recycle bin, place them somewhere out of sight until you can dispose of them properly.
• If you’re going away for Christmas (lucky you) remember to put house lights on timers and ask a neighbour you can trust to check in on the property every once and a while.
Use social media wisely – be careful as well as mindful when posting pics of you being away from home, or the latest presents you have scattered around your house.


Many businesses close for Christmas (not us, don’t worry we can still help you with any locksmith needs!) and you need to make sure your premises are safe and secure over the festive period. No one wants to come back to their offices in the New Year to find out that their equipment and goods have been stolen. So:

• Make sure all locks are in good working order and that everything is locked up before you leave (even get someone to double check this for you).
• Put on all security alarms and sensors as well as light sensors etc. Every little helps!
• Don’t leave things in plain view for someone to see.
• If staff are coming in sporadically over the festive season, make sure you know who will and won’t be in and also when. Making sure calendars are up-to-date for a quick reference as well as knowing what time staff will be on the premises if you have a change in opening hours.
• Make sure you or someone else in a senior position has a master key set as well as a mobile number which can be contacted out of hours, just in case someone does need to be in the building for whatever reason.

We want everyone to enjoy their Christmas and put your mind at rest that everything is safe and secure.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone Tyne Tees Locks, the best locksmith in Newcastle.

PS: If you do need us over the festive period for any reason, you can call us on 0191 438 6595, we’re always happy to help!

Merry Christmas

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