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It’s Dark Outside – How Can I Stay Safe?

Staying Safe with Tyne Tees Locksmith

Staying Safe at night!

It’s that time of year again, when you come home from work, switch on the lights, pop the heating on and snuggle up with a nice hot cuppa for the evening. With the end of October marking the start of daylight saving, it means that we see the nights getting darker much sooner and home security, as well as personal safety, becoming of paramount importance.

There’s something about the timing of the clocks going back mixed with Halloween that just seems to make things a little bit spookier than what it actually is.

Scary or not, your peace of mind is important.

When it comes to personal safety:

  • Make sure when you’re out and about that you have your phone with you in your pocket or handbag in case of emergencies.
  • There are also personal alarm systems which you can carry with you, even if it’s just to make you feel safer when walking places alone.
  • Try to avoid poorly lit places.
  • If you are out and about, make sure someone knows your whereabouts.

It’s also at this time of year when we have to be more safety conscious about our homes and vehicles.
For example, have you considered light timers? A lifesaver at this time of year. They stop houses from looking dark and empty as well as meaning that you don’t come home to a dark house.

With one in five burglaries taking place through unsecured windows and doors, you need to make sure you not only keep them locked but that your locks are up to scratch.

Making now the perfect time to get those unsecured or damaged locks replaced.

It’s also a great opportunity to get locks fitted to your sheds and garages – especially for those who are organized and have already started Christmas shopping and have your secret hiding places at the ready!

This leads on to, keeping things off the display. We’re all told not to keep valuables on display in our vehicles and the same can be said for our homes. Make sure items like laptops and i-pads etc. are put away and out of sight.

Most break-ins occur now when things are within easy reach of open doors and windows, so as well as keeping things locked away, out of sight, also keep them out of reach.

Finally, doorstep callers. We complain at the best of times when we’ve just sat down for the evening and the doorbell goes, but in the winter there is some safety advice to bear in mind:

  • Always ask to see ID
  • Don’t invite anyone into your home, without seeing their ID, knowing why they are calling or without a previous set appointment
  • If you have a door chain, consider using it
  • Consider a door peephole, so you can see who’s calling before you open the door to them

Of course, all of our trusted locksmiths at Tyne Tees Locks are fully qualified, CRB checked and vetted and we have a number of customer testimonials to show just how friendly and reliable Newcastle Locksmiths we are.

So, if you’re looking to be organized in the run-up to Christmas and you would like a security check or locks replaced

then give us a call today – we’ll offer a no-obligation quote and a 10% online discount!

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