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National Home Security Month

This month, and especially this week, sees us celebrate home security month as well as gate safety week.

No, it’s not about us finding something else to celebrate, it’s about raising awareness around the country to make sure our homes and property are secure. Not only that but that they are also safe.

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It is reported that there are over 17,000 distraction burglaries happening every year across the country. And when it comes to automated gates there is believed to be over 500,000 in use, with over 70% of these deemed unfit for purpose!

Events, news reports and blog posts like this are all working together to change this and certainly lower these figures.

So here at Tyne Tees Locks we’ve provided some quick references for you to consider during home security month. As well as things to consider if you do have large automatically operated gates.

Any questions you may have give Tyne Tees Locks a call on 01914386595 or 07966501689.

Keeping your home safe:

Check your locks, and we mean all of them! From your front and back door, to your garage and garden shed. Make sure everything is locked, secure and in full working order.
• Make sure all windows are safe and locking mechanisms including cylinders and handles on UPVC windows work and aren’t damaged.
• If you have a house alarm, use it!
• Consider a lighting system. Considering that the number of burglaries spike by 38% when the clocks go back, switching a light on or putting lights on timers to come on at certain times is a great deterrent.
• You could also look at surveillance cameras, these can come in many shapes and forms and don’t have to be state of the art to be effective.
• Don’t leave things lying around and visible if someone did peer through your windows or doors.
• Don’t advertise on social media when your home will be empty!

Information on automatic gates

• Make sure the gates are fitted and installed properly by a fully qualified engineer.
• Automatic gates also have to be maintained and like a car “serviced” on a regular basis.
• Look to put sensors or safety bars in place so if something is blocking the way then the gates won’t continue to shut.
• Make sure to have an override system in place.
• Place any safety notices about the gates either on the gate or beside the gate for visitors to read when coming to your premises.

If you would like to find out more about home security month visit their webpage, or Gate Safety Week,, which provide further details and information on how to keep your home safe using some of their seasonal safety tips.

Of course if you’re looking for a trusted locksmith to help you with all of your home security needs, or to simply put your mind at rest by carrying out a security survey on your home, then

Give us a call on 07966501689 and one of our friendly (and fully qualified) engineers will be happy to help!

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