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Securing your Home is of utmost priority!

Unfortunately, sometimes our Newcastle Locksmith team end up at call-outs after a break-in to someone’s home to repair or replace locks. They often get asked questions about what are the best kinds of locks to prevent this from happening again and what other things they might recommend. Here are a few tips we suggest to make a thief’s job a little harder.

Securing your home

Good locks

This one should be obvious but you’d probably be surprised how many properties have old, degraded and bad locks, especially older properties that don’t see a lot of upkeep. Some older locks don’t even require that much force to open. A swift kick at the door or a crowbar and you’re in. Spotting an old door, and therefore assuming old locks can be too much of an invitation for a burglar. A locksmith, such as our fine selves for example, can fit new, secure locks at very reasonable prices. However, if the door is old and degrading it’s probably worth upgrading the door itself.

Modern door

Modern UPVC doors have multi-point locking mechanisms making them very secure and very difficult to open by brute force alone, which is often a burglar’s go-to method of entry. It’s recommended to upgrade as soon as possible.

Alarm system

A visible alarm system acts as a deterrent as much as it does an alert. Just seeing an alarm on the front of a house can be enough to put any criminals off, prevention is better than a cure as they say. If the visible alarm isn’t enough of a deterrent, or they’re just too stupid to see it, it will still act as a good alert to yourself, if you’re home, or your neighbours if you’re not. The problem if you’re not home is relying on neighbours to call the police, especially through the night when they’re sleeping. Many people tend to have the “someone else will deal with it” attitude, unfortunately. If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period it is advised you let a trusted neighbour know so they can keep an eye on your property and know to contact the police if needed. You can also leave a key and alarm code with them so they turn off the alarm in case of false alerts.

Light up entrance

A light illuminating your entrance removes something valuable to thieves, the ability to hide as they try to access your door. As well as acting as a visible deterrent it can also make it easier for you to see if anyone is hanging around your entrance, and the same goes for your neighbours as it will improve their visibility should they be keeping an eye on your property for you. A timed light, an automatic dark-activated light, or a motion-sensor light can all work in this scenario and are very cheap to purchase and fit. Solar-powered motion-activated lights can be a good choice if you want to avoid any wiring.

Give the impression your house is occupied

If thieves know you’re away, especially for an extended period, they’re clearly much more likely to attempt to break in if you’re home. Timed lights in your living room, porch, or passage are a great start. Other things like asking a neighbour or nearby family member to open and close your window blinds can also be beneficial. Some people even have a radio playing through the day.

Lockside and back garden gates

A simple one here. Just make sure that any side gates around the back of your home, and your back gates, should you have one, are locked. A simple bolt and padlock will do the trick. Cheap and effective.

Don’t leave high-value items clearly visible

If passersby can clearly see into your window from the street it makes sense to not give them any temptation or to show them what expensive valuables are in your home. Don’t leave your brand new laptop on the table in front of the window, don’t leave your expensive jewelry in plain sight. Common sense wins.

Neighbourhood watch schemes

Your local neighbourhood watch schemes can be a great way to bring you and your neighbours together to make your community overall safer. Having eyes and ears all over the neighbourhood watching for suspicious behaviour is great and you can also get advice at your local meetings about securing your home further.

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