Is your safe, safe and secure?

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Almost every business now has a safe on their premises. These can vary in size and security level depending on what a business is using it for.

However, it’s also not just businesses that are using safes. More and more homeowners now have safes in their homes to keep their most valuable possessions under lock and key – literally. Again home owner’s safes can come in a variety of ranges, shapes and sizes.

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Yes we agree, these are great for security purposes and to put everyone’s mind at rest…that is until you forget the unique code to open the safe, lose the keys or snap the key in the lock!
These examples have all happened to someone at some point!

Think about how many pin numbers you have to remember, forgetting one more would be understandable!
The first thing to do in this situation is not to panic and before a trusted locksmith starts drilling holes into locks, take a step away, make a cup of tea or go for a walk – sometimes the code can come back to you when stress levels aren’t at their highest!

Losing keys and snapping keys in locks however can be more problematic than forgetting a code and for this we would recommend calling a vault engineer straight away.

We’re experts in what we do and wherever possible we will attempt to gain access into the safe through careful exploration and manipulation. Our aim is to minimise the damage, whilst making sure you get full access and the problem ultimately solved.

Working with a range of customers from large commercial clients, to small businesses as well as customers, at Tyne Tees Locks our vault engineers are proud to say, there isn’t a vault that we don’t know about or haven’t worked on.

Of course it’s not just about safe security. Safes also need regular maintenance and security checks. Locks, just like any others can become worn over the years so regular maintenance would be recommended.

We also understand that safes don’t always stay in the same place or even stay with a company for eternity. Moving and disposing of safes has to be done appropriately as well as effectively and efficiently for you, the customer.

As a business, you then need to look at installation. It’s great that you’re considering a safe for your business or home to protect your possessions but this is fruitless if it has been fitted poorly or incorrectly. Using a professional can guarantee that your safe is just that, safe!

Tyne Tees Locks has a team of vault engineers all on hand to deal with any situation, from repairing to removing and disposal, to installation and emergency safe opening, we’re always on hand to help you.

We’re also up-to-date with all of the latest locks available, making us extremely effective when something goes wrong. Our priority is to make sure your property continues to be safe and secure.

If you would like any information or advice on safes and locking systems then please feel free to contact us on 01914386595.

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