Reasons to change your door locks. Now!

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Locks inevitably help us to keep our properties and our belongings safe.

They make us feel secure in our homes, provide us with confidence that when we’re not at home, or even if we’re in the garden relaxing or playing, our homes are secure.

Lock replacements and repairs

But why should you change your locks, and why change them now?

  1. You’ve misplaced your keys – or should we be honest and say lost them?! We understand. This happens, and even if you do have a spare key confidence can be lost. You want to feel safe in the knowledge that no one can enter your home without your permission. Stolen keys also fall into this category and with stolen keys, we will always recommend you change your locks immediately.
  2. You’re moving into a new house or as a landlord you have a new tenant. When it comes to house keys, you never know how many keys homeowners have had cut, which means you can never fully guarantee you have all sets. For your peace of mind when moving into your new home, we’d advise changing the locks. Landlords should especially change the locks to keep their properties secure at all times.
  3. Locks are experiencing wear and tear and not working as effectively as they should. If you’re experiencing problems with your locks, calling a local locksmith is essential. Replacing locks as soon as possible, like for like, or using the opportunity to upgrade. Faulty locks and mechanisms can be an easy target for burglars as well as defective locks causing you to be locked out.
  4. You’ve experienced a break-in. This is an awful and stressful situation for anyone to find themselves in, and a situation which requires locks to be changed asap. The security of your home has been tried and tested, and as such, you need to strengthen it again as soon as possible. Calling an emergency locksmith helps you to take all of the precautions necessary to get your home’s security back up and running.
  5. You’re due an upgrade. Residential locks should be replaced and upgraded every few years. Staying ahead with new security technology and advances at all times.

Let Tyne Tees Locks Newcastle take care of all your lock needs.

Making homes throughout the Northeast completely safe and secure is what helps us sleep easy at night.

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