Questions to Ask a Locksmith

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Using a locksmith is not always an everyday occurrence for everyone.  And if you’ve never used a locksmith before, how do you find someone who is reliable, safe, and ultimately someone who can do a good job?

Questions to ask a Locksmith

You need to find a locksmith who will respect your property, who understands your security and treats it with paramount importance.  Your property, whether this is your house, your business, or your vehicle is in the hands of strangers, and you need to be 100% confident that the locksmith you choose is not only professional but experienced.

A locksmith who can help you with broken and faulty locks, keys snapping in locks, being locked out, or upgrading the locks in your property to make you feel safer and more confident in your home.

It can be a minefield just knowing where to start!

To help, we’ve compiled some questions below, of things to consider when looking to hire a locksmith.

Questions to ask before you decide whom to use

1. Can you help?

It’s important that when you call, you explain exactly (and we can’t stress exactly enough) what it is you’re calling with regards to.  You need to be 100% confident that no matter what your locking issue or current situation, the person on the other end of the phone fully understands and has the expertise to help.

2. Are you a locksmith near me?

Finding a local locksmith can be key.  How long will it take for them to reach you?  Do they have a permanent address base, offices that you can visit if need be?  All questions that will make you feel more confident that the person/company you are using are professionals.

3. Are you licensed/Insured?

You need to check that they locksmith you are looking to use is fully insured for any eventuality.  Don’t be left with bigger bills, if your car is accidentally scratched or there’s further damage to the doorframe, avoid the headaches with a locksmith who is fully insured and competent!

4. How much do you charge?

Prices can’t always be set in stone, but a professional locksmith will be able to provide you with a rough guide price or an estimate for their work.  If your job is not an emergency, then a full estimate and break down of costs will be provided and sent to you directly. No one likes the nasty surprise of a bigger locksmith bill once the work has been completed, make sure you ask upfront just what the work will entail and how much it will cost you, with an understanding that this could change but not by thousands!

5. What hours do you work?

In emergencies, you need someone who can reach you asap (with Tyne Tees Locks we aim to be with our customers within 30 minutes of the initial phone call).  If your call isn’t for an emergency, you still need to know when the locksmith can reach you and at what times they operate, and if these are convenient for you.

Questions to ask during the locksmith visit

1. What types of locks do you install?

There are several different makes, models, and brands of locks to choose.  Find out more about the types of locks fitted to your property. How secure are they?  Are they suitable for the type of door? Do you have a preferred brand that you would like to use?  This question isn’t about testing the locksmith’s knowledge about locks; it’s about putting your mind at ease that the locks fitted to your door are the right ones for you.

2. Are the locks BS approved?

All locks, especially new locks fitted, should be related to British Standards (BS).  These standards provide a benchmark for the locks and cylinders to be measured against and are vast becoming a stringent requirement when it comes to ensuring your home.

3. How long have they been a locksmith?

This question again is about putting your mind at ease and letting you know that your locks, whether windows or doors are in safe, expert hands.  The locksmith industry continues to change, and locks continue to change on a regular basis, knowing the locks inside and out is what you should look for in a locksmith.  Someone who has worked on this type of locking system before helped solve the problem and is able to provide concise advice and information when you need it most.

Questions to ask after the visit

1. How does the lock work?

It might seem like a silly question but trust us it isn’t.  Sometimes locks aren’t always replaced like for like, and it’s important to know just how the new locking mechanism works.

2. How long is the work guaranteed for?

It’s worth checking to see if you will receive a guarantee for the work being carried out.  One thing you don’t want is for something to go wrong after you’ve just had it repaired and for the work to not be guaranteed.

3. Do I need to carry out any maintenance on the locks?

It’s important to know if there’s any aftercare to carry out once the work has been completed and how best to maintain things so ideally, they don’t happen again – if you can avoid it!

At Tyne Tees Locks, all our locksmiths are not only professional, but they are experts at what they do.  Based in Newcastle and operating throughout the Northeast for over 25 years, there isn’t anything we don’t know about locks.  When you call us, we’ll provide you with a time when we can reach you by, as well as a guided estimate on cost; there are no hidden surprises with us.

We also have an emergency number which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  There’s no question too small, and we’re only too happy to help.

Give us a call today on 0191 438 6595

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