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In recent times, you must have often come across news stating burglars entered a home by lock snapping. It is not surprising that lock snapping has become a favorite technique of burglars and a common form of gaining entry into a home. As a home owner, you need to do something about it and secure your home. But before you proceed to tackle lock snapping, do you know what exactly is lock snapping? Lock snapping, also known as lock bumping and cylinder snapping is a way to break lock and manipulating the lock with common tools. Lock snapping does not need a lot of experience or skills, making it one of the easiest ways of forced entry.

What is Lock Snapping?

It involves breaking a cylindrical lock into two parts so that its locking mechanism is exposed. An adjustable spanner or pair of pliers is sufficient to break a cylindrical lock into two parts. Once the lock is broken at the fixing point, altering with the locking mechanism and opening the door is a matter of few seconds. Thus, it can be said that the cylinder part of the lock is the weakest part of the lock and is vulnerable to attack.

A lock on the door is an essential security mechanism for any home. But, the security is easily compromised due to the easy to snap nature of cylindrical locks. Cylindrical locks are one of the most common types of locks used in homes. From aluminum doors to upvc double gazed doors, these locks work well with a variety of door materials.

Reasons to Use a Qualified Locksmith Rather than DIY

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With the growing awareness of vulnerability of locks to lock snapping, homeowners are trying DIY methods to tackle lock snapping. Well, it is certainly not a smart move. There are several reasons for why use a qualified locksmith rather than DIY methods –

  • Vetted and inspected qualified locksmiths have sound knowledge about locks. They are able to offer you specialist advice on how your locks can be safeguarded from snapping.
  • An experienced locksmith will also be able swap your current lock with a new lock without cutting or drilling the door.
  • A qualified locksmith will come and analyze all the locks in your home. He will show you the locks that are snap-able and advise ways to combat the problem. Replacing the doors is not the only solution to secure your property. You simply need to find get the lock replaced.
  • A qualified locksmith will give you options of the right anti-snap cylinder that can be used for your locks.
  • If you shop right, some qualified locksmiths offer a free of charge security survey. You can take this survey to understand the vulnerability of your locks and available solutions.

Lock snapping as a way of breaking into the homes has been around for several years. Lock manufacturers have come up with anti-snap locks and cylinders to combat this vulnerability. Prevention is always better than cure! So get your locks examined today for vulnerability to snapping and secure your homes.

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