What is a Master Key System

Master Key Systems and Why You Might Need One Master key systems are a great, yet simple and effective way to manage a number of properties or access areas within a business. In essence, a master key system is a plan, almost like a key route, where certain keys, maybe just one, can open the  … Read more

Is Your Home Office as Secure as it Could Be?

With 1 in 16 people now working from home and an estimated 1.5million shunning the office environment in favour of being in a home office, do we need to start thinking about making our home office safe as any other commercial property.   Most home offices/businesses will be set up in spare rooms or converted garages and lofts.  However,  … Read more

Interested in Becoming a Locksmith?

Locksmithing can sometimes be one of those trades that unless you know someone who works in this area or it is maybe part of a family business, it might be almost a forgotten career.  However, locksmiths have always been part of everyday life, dating back to Ancient Egyptian times where locksmiths were known to be respected and revered trades people – and this  … Read more

Smart Home, Smart Locksmithing

Technology is moving fast.  We’re all aware of this.  Just think about how much time we spend on our phones or tablets.  How much we log on to different social media sites just to “check things” or to find out information.   There is new technology being developed and launched every second of every day.  It now  … Read more

Stepping Up Home Security

At the start of 2018, it has been reported that the number of burglaries now carried out on homes across the UK has decreased, with homeowners four times less likely to be burgled now than in 1995   Adding to this statistic are reports that a third of all attempted burglaries are unsuccessful.   This is great  … Read more

Are Your Locks Up to Scratch?

Checking that your locks are up to scratch and still in perfect working order can sometimes be one of those things that we add to our ever-growing list of things to check, but either never get around to it or we check them too late!    Of course, it’s something we might not think about until  … Read more

A Day in the Life of a Northeast Locksmith

Being a locksmith can often mean your work is wrapped in secrecy, knowing how to “pick locks” and enter property without keys is something that only by knowing the “tricks of the trade” you might understand.   However, to shed a little bit of light on just what a day is like for your average locksmith,  … Read more

Going on holiday? Don’t forget your home security!

It’s the best, and the most stressful, time for anyone – going on holiday.  A night away, a weekend off camping or a week or two spent somewhere where the sun always shines (no, unfortunately, this isn’t Middlesbrough).   Before we go away, we have lists upon lists of things we need to remember.  Things we  … Read more

Why is a Good Locksmith Necessary in Middlesbrough?

A good locksmith can be hard to find.  There’s a lot that goes into becoming a fully qualified locksmith and staying ahead of the game when it comes to safety and security, as well as knowing your locks inside and out, are the highest points on their agenda.   For some of us when it comes  … Read more