Northeast UK’s Top Burglary Hotspot

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North East England Map - Top Burgalry Hotspot

Crime is on the rise. Many UK areas that were formerly out of the main burglar targets a couple of years ago, now remain amongst the most vulnerable places for theft.

The research made by MoneySuperMarket has confirmed Guildford to be at the top of the list of the most insecure places, with 52.3 value claims out of 1000. Following the next 4 most affected areas with claimings between 50.15 to 51.43 are:

  • Cambridge
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Leeds

Even though there is not a single northeastern district featuring the top 20, precaution is still required. Many areas are adjacent to some main hotspots like Newcastle, which going south is bordered by Edinburgh (heading number 13 on the list with 42.3 value claims).

Crime Numbers

According to Plumplot’s crime stats, the total number of crimes committed in the northeast region is about 16.4k. This number is 5.7% larger than in 2017. From all of the crimes, burglary makes for a 4.9% of the total crime volume.

The most crime active place for burglary happens to be Durham, with a rate of 8 crimes committed per 1000 workers. Following behind there’s Tyne and Wear with a 7/1000 crime rate and finally Northumberland with a 6/1000 rate.

The northeast region contains about a quarter of the total population of England; therefore, a significant number of people are at risk of theft, including you.

Also, there is a constant risk already pinpointed by the 5.7% crime increase, meaning a higher possibility of having at least one district featuring the top 20 list. The crime rates also are in constant fluctuation, so you can never be sure about security being stable in your area for a lengthy time.

The times of the year when the areas are more vulnerable to crime and theft are at winter time, especially in December. This might be due to the adding of high-value Christmas presents like laptops or jewellery, that attracts burglars and leaves homes more exposed to theft.

This is why having a good locksmith system that guarantees the protection of your home and your family is key to being safe when the outsides are not.

What to Do Then?

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– Retrieved from US Sciencetech

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