Maintaining your UPVC windows and doors

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UPVC is installed in many homes and businesses across the Northeast and has vast become the material of choice when it comes to windows and doors. 

To avoid problems with UPVC doors and windows however, they need to be maintained.  

Nothing lasts forever.  But we can increase the lifespan of UPVC products and keep them in perfect working order by maintaining them on a regular basis. 

UPVC maintenance

In this post we’ll look at some of the maintenance tips and advice you can follow to keep locks from seizing, locking mechanisms from failing and problems occurring with window panes themselves. 

Seeing through clean windows 

One of the good things about UPVC is that it actually requires very little maintenance.  Unlike wood, you don’t have to worry about paint peeling, wood starting to rot, etc.; but this is not to say that it still doesn’t have to be maintained. 

Keeping your windows from looking shabby as well as making sure they offer you the highest level of security is vital. 

To help you get the best out of your UPVC windows and doors: 

  • Clean all UPVC frames.   It’s recommended that you clean your window and door frames at least twice a year (more if possible).  Removing any dirt trapped within the frames, cobwebs, and debris, etc – all things which can stop UPVC doors and windows from shutting and locking correctly.  

When washing frames, make sure to use a plain coloured cloth to avoid any dye running onto the UPVC as this can be a problem to remove.  And stick to warm, soapy water, avoiding any harsh chemical cleaners and abrasive cloths.  

  • Keep the glass clean. Staying on top of your windows is not only important so you can see out of them, but it also helps to maintain the look, stop dirt building up within the seals and ultimately avoid damaging the UPVC completely.  Ideally, UPVC glass should be cleaned four to eight times per year (again, ideally more) and options for cleaning can consist of traditional glass cleaner (still use a plain cloth when applying to windows) or the very popular now, e-cloth! 
  • Maintain, handles, locking systems and hinges.  Spraying oil to maintain all of these elements every six months helps to keep everything moving with ease and keep everything working for longer.  Making sure keys work in locks smoothly, handles move without the need to use force and windows open without squeaking noises or stiffness. 

Using a Professional 

Maintaining your UPVC windows and doors can sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  

If you do experience problems with your UPVC doors and windows when it comes to worn handles, misaligned frames or faulty cylinders a professional locksmith, specialising in UPVC locks can help! 

At Tyne Tees Locks we work with customers throughout the Northeast, helping to repair faulty and broken locks, replace locks and fit new locking mechanisms altogether.  We can also help with sash locks, multipoint locks, deadbolts, lockable window handles, and anti-snap cylinders – all British Standard approved and kitemarked and all-satisfying insurance company questions! 

If you have a UPVC question that you need answering, call Tyne Tees Locks on 0191 438 6595 


– Reference Video: Joedan Group

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