A Locksmiths New Year’s Resolutions

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The New Year’s Resolutions Of A Locksmith

Locksmiths New Year’s resolutions – we all have them, a promise to go to the gym more, eat healthier, swap the TV remote for a book and during the Christmas period we all vow to stick to them. However, we have to be honest, not many of them last the entire year.

However, love them or hate them we all think about them. We all want to make them, it’s just some are harder to stick to than others.

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As professionals in our field, we like to set our own New Year’s resolutions and we’d like to share some of our more professional ones with you – ones to help keep you, your home and your commercial premises safe in 2018.

1. Do a security check – start 2018 off by going around your home checking all window and door locks. Is there a lock that needs replacing/upgrading? Are there some lose handles which could do with tightening up? Are windows closing properly? Also, think about the types of locks you have, are these a little worn and dated and in need of an upgrade? Do you have cylinder locks where really you should be replacing these with anti-snap style locks?

2. Why change a habit of a lifetime? Because when it comes to security it can be good for you! We want to make sure we all get into the habit of checking that windows and doors are locked before we leave the house. Making sure if we have house alarms we use them. In the darker nights we put lights on timers and we make sure we put things out of view and reach. It’s all about habit and if we get into the right habit of things it can help when it comes to helping secure your home.

3. Keys. The most popular reason why we get called out to change locks! Lost, as well as stolen keys are a big problem. Keys seem to have a nasty habit of losing themselves. Either down drains, in handbags or somewhere in the house and no matter where you search, that key is nowhere to be found. If you weren’t one of the lucky people who received a key finder (yes these things are real) from Santa Claus, then why not consider making/having a special place where keys go (out of reach of prying hands, this part applies to both children and burglars). Having a safe pocket in your handbag in which you always place them or always putting them on the same shelf when you get home or in the same drawer etc.

4. Install CCTV. More for commercial properties, but a growing number of residential properties are now looking to install CCTV too. It’s your property, your goods, and equipment inside and it all costs money. Protect it in the best possible way and put off no longer, New Year’s resolution number 4, CCTV will be installed in 2018!

5. Master keys and spare keys. Think about what you need and why you need it. For example, when it comes to vehicles we’d always recommend having a spare key. Not just because you run the risk of losing one, but sometimes if you lock your key in the car, or your other half has mistakenly taken the key with them when you need the vehicle etc., it pays to have that second key cut. Also, for commercial properties as well as landlords etc. it’s worth considering having a master key system as an option. Making sure that you or someone senior can have access to your property at any time using their master key system is extremely important.

Now, don’t get us wrong, exercising more and eating healthier are all great New Year’s resolutions, we just need to also look at putting some security resolutions in there too!

If you need any help, advice or have any questions about locks at all then we’d be more than happy to help and what’s more, we’re available 24/7 for any emergency. Call us on 0191 438 6595 or drop us an email: info@tyneteeslocks.co.uk

Happy New Year from everyone at Tyne Tees Locks.

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