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How Much Will A Locksmith’s Services Cost?

As with many trades, the price of a locksmith can depend on a variety of factors. If you’re lucky you’ll likely only use a locksmith a couple of times throughout your life. Many people have never even had the need to use a locksmith. With this is mind it’s clear why if you asked someone how much a locksmith charges lots of people will answer “I’ve got no idea”. Again, as with many trades, there’s those rouge tradesmen out there who can give the industry a bad reputation by over-charging and taking you for a ride.

locksmith pricing

Difficulty of the Job / Time taken

Some jobs are easy. Some jobs are hard. Most jobs sit somewhere in the middle. Sometimes someone just left their key, correctly aligned, on the inside of the door, in which case we have equipment we can put through your letterbox and pull the key out. Doesn’t always work, but when it does it can be quicker and cheaper.

Sometimes your key broke as you put it in the lock, if it’s right in there it can be a problem, but on occasion a little bit can be sticking out in which case all that’s required is a set of pliers and hopefully you have a spare set of keys in the house. Otherwise it’s a lock change.

If your lock mechanism is damaged, in which case a full lock change is required, this will also put the price up. Well I say put the price up but this is what most jobs end up being so you get a normal rate, the easier jobs just tend to get you a reduction.

With modern uPVC doors, if you’re really unlucky the problem may be effecting the whole multi-point locking mechanism that goes the full length of the door, in which case the job takes a lot of time, which usually equals more money.

Local locksmith or national locksmith company

There’s a few organisations out there who sub-contract work out to local locksmiths. So even if the number looks local, there’s a chance you’re just getting put through to a call centre. The call centre will then contact a local locksmith, who will be dispatched to you if they’re available, and these middle-men obviously take a cut of the cost as a kind of a referral fee with the locksmith only receiving a percentage of the full cost. They don’t actually employ any locksmiths themselves.

There is reputable companies of this type out there who do sub-contract to very good locksmiths but unfortunately not all of them. This practice can sometimes result in them charging more because they have to share the profits. Or sometimes charging less because they want to make sure they get the business so undercut the competition. In which case you often end up with a locksmith with a lower level of expertise. Why would an established, expert locksmith want to give away so much of the money for a job. This isn’t always the case, they can still charge what could be called a “standard” cost, but again, it can sometimes be that you end up with someone less qualified. Just something to be aware of. We have local locksmiths situated in Newcastle, Sunderland, and Durham so you always get someone local, certified and with many years experience.

Here at Tyne Tees Locks we take pride in our customer service and local reputation.

If you have a lock problem or simply want to upgrade give us a call and we’ll give you an accurate and fair quote. We’ll even wait if you want to ring round to compare prices, we’re that confident we’re more than competitive and provide an excellent service.

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