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I’m Locked Out – What Now?

It’s one of those things which happens to everyone at least once in our lifetime. Getting locked out. It can be a nightmare and to be honest a stressful time.

You go through what we locksmiths call “the locked out stages of emotion”. For example, you’re in disbelief that this has actually happened, and you check a number of times to make sure that, yes, you have definitely locked yourself out. Then you become lost, wandering about for a little while trying to engage your brain to think straight, but with so many things running through it right now it’s quite hard to focus. Then comes a little bit of anger. Whether you get mad at yourself for locking yourself out, or mad at your partner or kids or just mad, because let’s face it, the situation isn’t great. Then follows sad and upset. You’re locked out. You need and want to be in and now the whole situation is just depressing and you’re feeling just a little bit fed up.

To help take away all of these feelings we’ve put together some tips and advice on things to consider if you ever find yourself in this situation.

First, think “spare key”.

Once you’ve gathered your thoughts and the reality has set in that you are indeed locked out, start to think about where your spare key might be. Have your neighbours got a spare key? Your parents? Have you hidden a key somewhere for such an emergency? Who could you call?

Is there another way in?

If no spare key is available, then look around the property and check that there isn’t another way in. Have you left a window open which you could use to gain access? Or have you got a garage door key which you could use and enter this way? Make sure you explore all options.

What we wouldn’t recommend

Is using Google to find out, “what to do when you get locked out”. The old fashioned methods of using credit cards, yes still work on some doors but not many. Plus you’re already locked out, do you really want to lose or damage your credit card as well?

We would also advise that you don’t also look to take the door knob off at this stage. Firstly, you need the proper tools to make sure this is done properly and secondly if a deadbolt etc. is still in use, taking the door knob off simply won’t work. It just makes it slightly more expensive for you to then get the door repaired.

Which leads on to not panicking and simply kicking the door down. No one wants this. It’s expensive, damaging and a waste of energy when the simplest solution in this case if all of the above fails…

…Call a locksmith

If you have time and there is no immediate emergency i.e. you haven’t left your child in the house with water running or the oven on. Then call a reputable and trusted locksmith. One who of course provides a 24/7 emergency call out as well as a rapid service so you’re not left hanging around.

You must also remember that this is an emergency call out so don’t be afraid to ask for a guide price over the phone. No one likes surprises, especially when it comes to unexpected bills, a good locksmith will always be able to provide you with a rough time for reaching you, as well as an estimate for the work.

Hopefully, you won’t ever be in a serious situation where drastic action has to be taken and with our tips and advice we hope you’ll be back inside your home in no time, with no other feeling than calm and relaxed.

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