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Lock-snapping – what are the facts?

Lock snapping is a term commonly found with euro cylinder locks and in its simplest form is a technique which intruders use to gain access to properties. It ultimately involves snapping a particular type of cylinder lock in two.

By applying the right amount of force, the outside part can be removed to expose the locking mechanism and once this is exposed it then means the lock can be tampered with and the door to be unlocked.

Lock snapping is just one of the many ways in which burglars use to enter a property uninvited – now, we’re not here to scare you but we do want to let you know that there are ways to help protect and update your home and locks.

The locks that we find to be most at risk of lock snapping is with the euro cylinder lock. This type of lock is one of the most common and most popular, as it is used on the majority of PVCu and composite doors.

To help make your property more safe and secure consider:

  • Upgrading your locks to anti-snap cylinders (there are a number of anti-snap locks now available on the market, ranging in price and style).
  • Make sure the lock you choose is at least a 3 star kite mark – anything less will most certainly be more vulnerable to lock snapping.
  • Make sure the lock is fitted properly – there should be no over external overhang.

lock snapping

We understand that you want to keep your home and your property safe and secure, so if you’re unsure about your locking systems currently or you’re thinking about upgrading but looking for some specialist advice, then please call us now on 0191 438 6595. Not only are all of our Newcastle locksmiths experienced with lock snapping, but they’re also certified and CRB checked so you know you’re in safe hands.

Lock snapping isn’t a new thing, as well as news and media reports, there’s also clips found on YouTube showing how easy it has become to break into properties using the lock snapping method. What’s more most insurance companies now look for at least a 3 star kite mark on all locking systems as well as for these locks to be fitted correctly.

So make sure you’re up to date with your locks and put your mind at ease that lock snapping won’t happen to you by calling 0191 438 6595 today and see how we can help.

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