Why is a Good Locksmith Necessary in Middlesbrough?

September 5, 2018

A good locksmith can be hard to find.  There’s a lot that goes into becoming a fully qualified locksmith and staying ahead of the game when it comes to safety and security, as well as knowing your locks inside and out, are the highest points on their agenda.

Why a good locksmith is necessary in Middlesbrough 

For some of us when it comes to lock repairs or fitting new locks and security measures, quite often we think we can do it ourselves.  Now we’re not saying that a DIY job is a bad thing at all, but maybe when it comes to fitting new locks or repairing broken and faulty locks, these things are better left to the experts?  


Because we’ve been around long enough to know how to make sure that your home is as safe and secure as possible.  Unfortunately, we’ve been to too many emergency call outs to know that sometimes things could have been avoided.  

Now, not to scaremonger or frighten anyone, but and there is always a but – when it comes to break-ins and even attempted break-ins, reports from Cleveland police show this figure to still be quite high.  (In our opinion it’s too high whatever the figure is, but let’s look in Middlesbrough for example.)  

The current crime statistic for Central Middlesbrough as of March 2017 was 3,443 total crimes.  Broken down related to where a locksmith was potentially called, this resulted in 54 bicycle thefts, 149 burglaries, 108 vehicle crimes, and 23 robberies, amongst others.    

At Tyne Tees Locks we want to not only help bring these numbers down, but we want all residents, home owner’s and businesses in Middlesbrough to feel safe in the knowledge that their property and their belongings are secure even when they are not around.  That you have the right locks in place, the right alarm system, and you’ve taken all the security steps you need to help give you complete peace of mind (you might be interested in checking out our Home Security Checklist [AT1] to know just what things you should be checking and when).  

How we can help starts with what a locksmith does 

The services a locksmith can provide includes but is not limited to: 

  • Lock repairs – from fixing locks with keys jammed inside, locks where keys just spin round and round, locks that don’t even catch anymore unless you slightly lift the door, so it connects (yes, we know you do this) – at Tyne Tees Locks we can help repair 99.9% of all broken and faulty locks.  If we can’t fix it however…. 
  • We can fit new locks!  Fitting new locks ranging from a 5-lever mortice deadlock to a multipoint locking system.  We know our brands, and we know which locks work on what doors. From standard to more advanced locks, we can pretty much fit a new lock to anything!  
  • Lock upgrades – these can be important for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, you might have just bought the property and want to change the locks slightly, or you’re a landlord looking to upgrade the locks on a property or doors within a building?  Secondly, locks suffer from wear and tear. Unfortunately, like everything, locks don’t last forever. But not to panic, we’re on hand to upgrade any of your existing locks, simple changes here and there can make a big difference!  
  • UPVC door and window locks have grown in popularity over the years.  At Tyne Tees Locks we’re proud to say that no matter what problem you face with your UPVC doors or windows, we guarantee we can fix it.  From worn handles to faulty cylinders and misaligned frames, we promise to offer you the most cost-effective solution, supplying and fitting, multipoint locks, deadbolts, window locks, sash locks, lockable window handles, patio door locks, hinges and much more!  
  • Vehicle entry and key cutting service – anything from removing snapped or broken keys, replacing and programming car keys, key cutting, vehicle lock repair and if you’re looking for a new set of car keys, we’re able to offer solutions as well as provide possible car locks/keys which would be suitable. 
  • Security checks – we offer a security check of your property, where we work with you, checking locks, doors, any sheds, and garages, etc. and then make recommendations on what you could do to make your property more secure. 
  • Emergency locksmith jobs – we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Available for a whole host of emergencies, from being locked out, snapped or broken your key in the doors, or in need of a lock changed asap.  Call us on 0164 245 0520 to see how we can help.

Why home security is important 

With the total number of residents standing at 138,400, making up over 57,203 households in Middlesbrough, unfortunately, it presents lots of opportunities, for just that, opportunists. 

However, taking care of the points above, focusing on your home security and using the best locksmiths around helps to make sure that Middlesbrough continues to be the safe place that residents and businesses want.  

We want to provide all 138,400 residents of Middlesbrough with peace of mind that their locks are secure, stable and can do the job.  We want to protect your home, your valuables, your belongings. We want to help you in your hour of need if you find yourself locked out for example and need to be in quick!  

These are the reasons why home security and finding the right locksmith is so important.  

Locksmiths in Middlesbrough 

Tyne Tees Locks work around the clock for all of our customers, both residential and commercial.  We offer a 24-hour emergency locksmith service in Middlesbrough and throughout the Northeast and make ourselves available at any time day or night.  

As the number one locksmith in Middlesbrough and throughout the Northeast we provide a range of services, all focused on meeting your needs.  

For example, we offer ALL of our customers: 

  • A full guarantee on all work carried out 
  • Clear pricing structures – parts and labour included. 
  • All payment methods accepted AND 
  • An emergency telephone number available 24/7! 

If that’s not enough, we also offer: 

  • an online discount of 10% 
  • OAP discount AND 
  • 20% off your first invoice for landlords! 

Don’t delay in making your home safe and secure, call Tyne Tees Locks today on 0164 245 0520, one of our trusted and friendly team is waiting to take your call.

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