How lockpicking actually works

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Guide To Picking Locks

Does Lockpicking actually works? You’ve all seen the movies where someone takes a paper clip, or a hair clip, and jimmies their way in to a locked door or padlock in seconds. You probably won’t be surprised to hear it’s not quite that simple, and definitely not that fast. Here’s how a lock works on the inside… How would you get all those pins to align correctly and allow you to enter without a key. Doing it with a paper clip or hair clip probably seems a bit more complicated to you now. You need a steady hand, preferably the right tools, and lots of patience. Here’s a quick example of how picking a lock actually works. a quick example of how lockpicking actually works. If you had x-ray vision and could see the cylinders it probably wouldn’t be that hard. But imagine trying to do it all with touch and feeling the very subtle click a cylinder makes when it moves into place. That’s where the steady hand and patience comes in. Us Locksmith’s do sometimes still pick locks in a similar fashion, especially older locks. But with locks getting better and better at preventing this kind of tampering other methods are often needed. Having the correct tools is required. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s completely impossible to open a lock with a paper clip or something of the sort. A quick search on the Google or Youtube will bring up plenty of examples of people showing you how it’s done. However, if 10 of you followed one of those videos and each spent an hour trying to get into a lock with a paper clip, I’d bet 9 of you would fail. Now we’re not trying to encourage you to go and try and pick a lock. It is breaking the law if you break into someone else’s locks after all. We just wanted to share a bit of insight in how to lockpicking actually works. So the next time you see it happen within a second in a movie you can shout at the TV about how it’s fake (don’t do this if you’re in the cinema!).  


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