How are your lock picking skills?

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Firstly, let us make it clear, we’re not endorsing anyone to go out and start picking locks. However, we do think it’s important to know the basics of lock picking in case they’re needed in an emergency.

The Basics

The most common lock mechanism is that of a pin tumbler. Pin tumblers use a series of pins all of different lengths that prevent the lock from opening without using the correct key.

Most locks within residential homes will be pin tumblers, hence when it comes to lock picking, using a pick and a tension wrench can be two of your saviours.

Picking a lock takes patience. It is the manipulation of the components of a lock to open the lock without the use of a key.

Lock picking is an art. And if done right, the lock shouldn’t be damaged, so keys can still be used at a later date.

Picking a lock in a nutshell

  1. Have the right tools and equipment to hand – mainly a tension wrench and pin pick
  2. Insert the tension wrench into the lock, holding any picked pins in place.
  3. You then need to insert the pick at the top of the lock, applying a little pressure, picking the pins one by one.
  4. Once all the pins are set/picked, turn the tension wrench and open the lock!

Of course, picking locks takes many years of practice and a professional locksmith! Someone who can pick a lock, without causing any damage to the lock or door itself, and who can do this in a reasonably quick time.

The team at Tyne Tees Locks is on hand to help with all locking requirements and always come fully equipped for all lock picking emergencies!

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