How to Determine the Weaknesses of Your Home Security

June 19, 2018

home security weakness

home security weakness

Burglars these days are far more malicious and experienced than they were a couple of decades ago. Therefore, your house is at greater risk than ever before to get assaulted and robbed.

If you live in Newcastle or in any area of the northeast in the UK, Tynes Tees Locks, is the best option in order to get your house secured. We understand and master all the intricacies and complexities of a safety system that ensures your home and your family security.

That said, let us share with you how to effectively trace your house’s weak spots for burglary and what you can do to reinforce them.

Secret Places for Hidden Keys

Whether that place is behind a hanging object or under a plant-pot in your garden, you are at higher risk to get robbed. Experienced burglars know exactly where and how to look for those places, so don’t make it easier for them, and avoid that. It is best to take your spare set of keys to a neighbor you trust, instead of leaving them outside.

Bad locks

Cheap can definitely set you back on this. It is always best to make a good investment from the beginning and take time to apply some maintenance to your lock system once in a while. There are videos on the internet that teaches you how to easily hack and break those extremely fragile systems. So, choose wisely and don’t be afraid of spending good money on your home security.

Weak Door and Window Reinforcement

For burglars, badly reinforced windows and doors are like heaven on earth, especially if you happen to have sliding ones with not extra protection on it.

For doors a common symptom of weak reinforcement would be very small strike plates. If your door bolts are supported on a wooden frame with a ¼ inch or less, you should consider changing to larger strike plates. This will provide the frame with more depth and therefore more support for the doors, so they don’t get punched down with a single hit.

When it comes to windows, if they happen to be ground floored, it is best to upgrade the locks system to a more complex one that makes it way more difficult to break.

Also putting iron bars on both windows and doors, is the best option in really making it more difficult for burglars to break in. In fact, experienced burglars tend to stay away from a house that is completely reinforced with iron bars in both windows and doors, because of the level of difficulty for them to even reach the lock system.

What If My Home Is at Risk

Once you’ve realized that your house is actually honey for the bees for burglars, or you are already in the middle of an emergency, the best you can do is to immediately contact a professional licensed Newcastle locksmith.

We have a 24/7 emergency service that can help you out in any situation you have with your locks. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We take your security very seriously and we’ll be more than glad to help out.

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