Going on holiday? Don’t forget your home security!

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It’s the best, and the most stressful, time for anyone – going on holiday.  A night away, a weekend off camping or a week or two spent somewhere where the sun always shines (no, unfortunately, this isn’t Middlesbrough).  

Before we go away, we have lists upon lists of things we need to remember.  Things we know we need to pack, everything from, sun cream, clothes, bug spray – let’s face it, it feels like we need to pack everything including the kitchen sink!

Holiday time but don't forget your home security while you are away

However, as well as remembering everything you need to take with you on your much-needed trip, it’s also vital to remember to keep your house safe and secure while you’re away.  Unfortunately, our locksmiths have been to too many emergency call outs when people have just come back from their holidays, to find their garage lock is broken or their back or front door slightly ajar.  It’s awful and something that as the number one locksmith in Middlesbrough we want to help as many people as we can avoid.  

So now that you’ve got your cases packed, the kids and pets have been strapped into the car ready for the adventure ahead, we’ve pulled together a handy checklist of things to consider, making sure your home stays safe when you’re away.  

  1. Tell a trusted neighbour or friend.  Letting a neighbour and someone you can trust know you are going away can act as an extra pair of eyes on your property, providing you with peace of mind.  It’s also a good idea to give them your contact details as well as whom to contact if there is an emergency.  Moreover, don’t worry if you don’t feel confident with a neighbour, ask a friend or family member to check in on the property a couple of times while you’re away and let them know that of course, you’ll repay the favour!   A big favour to ask would be if they could also pull your bins out and put them back again.  This again makes it look like there’s someone in the property as bins are emptied as usual.  
  2. Look to invest in some light timers.  These can be really simple but really effective.  Set them for sporadic times and make sure that they switch off.  The aim is that your home never looks unoccupied.  TThere’s a huge variety of timers to choose from now, and in some instances, you can even get them to fit your radio and TV systems, so you can create noise in your home too, setting these to come on and off at certain points throughout the day. What’s more some of these devices can also be controlled through your smartphone (I mean what can’t be nowadays)!  A little extra tip is not to set your timings, for example, to come on at 7 pm and turn off at 10 pm every single night, this is a sure sign no one is home, and they’re set on purpose.  More sporadic settings are much more effective as a potential burglar deterrent.    
  3. If you usually get your papers delivered, then make sure youcancel this delivery for the time that you’re away.  There’s nothing worse than not being able to open your front door because you have papers piled high behind it.   
  4. Beware of the dreadedsocial media!  We all do it. Post that selfie snap of us at the airport, with a caption of two weeks in the sun here we come!  Course you do, you’re excited to be going away, and you want everyone to know that your house will be unoccupied for x number of days until your return, great – and now all locksmiths alongside the police are shaking their heads, slowly, sadly.  Yes, social media is excellent, but maybe we could hold off posting some of the fantastic holiday pics until we get home?  Alternatively, maybe stop checking ourselves in everywhere to show that you’ll be out for a couple of hours, while you enjoy the delicious Nando’s with your entire family!  Of course, if your social media accounts are private, hopefully, none of your friends and family are out to burglar your house, but again you never know – how many times has your brother borrowed your football boots while you were out and never returned them – not naming any names….   
  5. It sounds crazy to say, but it’s important to remind everyone tomake sure that all your doors and windows are locked when you leave.  Not on night lock or just pulled shut from the inside, but secured, properly.  Ask your partner to follow you around the house, so you have peace of mind knowing that they’ve all been double-checked just in case there’s one you’ve accidentally missed, or the kids have decided to re-open to be “helpful.”  
  6. Don’t leave keys in the backs of doors.  This is mainly the case with patio doors, as many people will lock doors and then leave the keys in the back of them.  Don’t.  Lock the door, take them out and hide the keys somewhere safe.  Also, don’t leave your window keys in sight.  Make sure these are tucked away somewhere safe but somewhere you’ll remember when you come back!  
  7. Keep valuables out of sight.  Make sure you leave nothing lying around that is in view if someone was to look through any windows or doors.  Store everything away safely and for your most valuable possessions look to lock these away in a secure home safe, which is again out of sight of any windows or doors.  
  8. Make sure those jobs you’ve been putting off for ages get done.  Things likereplacing broken locks or placing new locks on side gates/doors.  Even things like your garden shed, should all have good locks to help protect your belongings.  
  9. Keep car keys and spare car keys out of sight.  If you have hooks where car keys need to go, maybe look to hide them somewhere else when you’re away.  As with other valuables don’t leave them somewhere that can be seen through windows and doors.  
  10. Finally, if you have aburglar alarm, use it!   

The list above is of course not exhaustive, but it will help provide you with a quick reference of things to remember, without adding too much stress to your already long holiday packing lists.  

At Tyne Tees Locks the services as locksmiths that we can provide, above and beyond fixing and replacing locks (which if we’re honest we’re pretty good at – check out our customer testimonials for reference!) is that we can also help with safes both commercial and in the home.  Whether this is installation, removal or moving them, we have the expertise to make sure we can help you no matter what you need. 

We can also help replace any broken or faulty locks throughout your home, on garages or any outhouses, before you go away.  We offer a full security check of any property too, highlighting any areas which you might like to consider looking into further.  

If you are looking for a locksmith in Middlesbrough then look no further than Tyne Tees Locks. 

What’s more, all our work comes with a full guarantee, a 10% online discount and an emergency locksmith contact number available 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Find out for yourself why our customers continue to recommend us in Middlesbrough and throughout the Northeast (they don’t always return to us time and time again because we do such a good job the first time around)! 

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