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Home Security Checklist for Theft Protection

Looking after your home is no small feat.  Both inside and out.  It contains all of your valuables and your belongings.  Those items and things that you have worked hard for and ultimately that you want to protect from getting into someone else’s hands.   

Being broken into is devastating.  Yes, insurance can cover the cost of what you have lost, but it’s more than just the money.  It’s the hassle and the headache of having to clean up, replace, and find someone to come out and help you ASAP. 

At Tyne Tees Locks, we provide an emergency locksmith service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  As the number one locksmith in Middlesbrough we aim to be with you within 30 minutes of your call, and to date, we have never let our customers down! 

We’re on hand to fix all broken locks on windows and doors and have you feeling safe and secure in no time! 

However, before we reach the emergency locksmith stage, below we’ve provided you with some tips and advice on how you can keep a check on your home security. 

Tips for making your home safe and secure

Just like in the Sound of Music, the best place to start with anything is to start at the very beginning, and when it comes to home security, this starts with checking the perimeter of your home.  For example, can you see your front door clearly, so that you or your neighbours would be able to see someone visibly trying to use your front door?  What about your windows, do you look out onto shrubs and bushes, making it easy to hide behind, do your doors and garages look secure and well maintained? 

Next, look at your boundary lines.  Do you have fences, are they high enough (the recommendation is 6ft before planning permission is needed), do they offer an easy option to climb and hence easy access to your property?  To help, think about adding trelliswork to the top of fences, not only are the decorative and used for growing some great, prickly, plants, they’re also wobbly and have less strength in them, so offer no support for climbing! 

When leaving your house for long periods of time, or even if you’re just popping out, always think about security.  Don’t hide spare keys in your front garden for example, or under the plant pot at the front door.  Are all your windows shut properly and on locked latches?  Is the garage appropriately locked and everything put away that should be (and not just hidden behind the wheelie bin because you’re only going to be a few minutes!) 

Think about placing a light outside your home, which can go on by a sensor when anyone approaches the property – great in those dark nights.  Make sure that all your locks are sturdy and not loose or faulty.  If you have places that would offer the opportunity to climb, consider anti-climb paint as a deterrent.  If you do want to have a spare key outside, in case of emergencies, then consider using a key lock box. 

Tyne Tees Locks are experts at helping to not only carry out security checks on your property, but we can also help with any faulty door and window locks before they break completely. 

Call one of our expert locksmiths today on 01642 450520 to see how they can help! 

We’re also experts when it comes to UPVC doors and locks – of course, different types of doors and locks all offer a different amount of protection as well as aesthetics.  At Tyne Tee Locks, we work with you and your needs to make sure you have the right level of security right from the start.   

Looking for a locksmith in Middlesbrough?

Someone who can’t just fix broken locks and fit new locks, but also someone who can assess hinges, bolts on doors, adjust door frames and more! 

These elements are what make up a good locksmith but also are what you should be checking as part of your home security.  For example, how many locks do you have on your front door (and how many do you really need?)  Does the door open outwards or inwards?  Can the door be double locked from the inside of the house?  Are your locks of British Standard?  Can the frame take the weight of the door? 

All these questions and checks can be carried out by a trusted and reliable locksmith – Tyne Tees Locks. 

Do you have a house alarm fitted?  When was the last time you used it and when was the last time it was serviced and checked? 

All alarms now should be fitted and conform to British Standards, and most reputable locksmiths will be able to provide you with further guidance on this, as well as what insurance companies look for too! 

Now your house is feeling completely safe and secure, last but certainly not least, is for you to check out any shedsoutbuildings or garages you may have.  Checking their locking systems and mechanisms and making sure that they are as safe as your house and the things inside are as secure as possible. 

There’s a lot to take in when looking at your home security.  At Tyne Tees Locks, we want to take away some of that pressure and stress by providing quality locksmith security checks, by providing the best service around, and by being with you when you need us most. 


We work with all locks, all doors, and all throughout Middlesbrough – call us today and secure your home now! 

Oh, and as the information above is quite comprehensive here’s a handy (and much smaller) home security checklist if you ever need a quick glimpse: 

  • Check your perimeters/fences/border lines etc
  • Check you’ve locked your doors and windows before you leave!
  • Research key boxes, outside security lights, and maintaining your house alarm
  • Make sure all your locks conform to British Standards
  • Check all sheds, garages, and outbuildings

And most importantly, if in doubt call Tyne Tees Locks on 01642 450520. 

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