Emergency, emergency…. its cold outside!

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The start of a New Year and we see the start of 2018 already causing a stir – not because we’ve started our new years resolutions, or because it feels like the longest month in the world waiting for pay day, no, it’s because the start of 2018 has seen a mixture of freezing temperatures, thick ice, snow and to throw into the mix fog!

Woman locked out outside the house in a cold weather - Emergency Locksmith

Not only has it is caused huge disruption to our roads (making our commutes to work and school even longer), but with freezing temperatures like we’ve seen, door and house locks have also been hugely affected.

In these weather conditions it’s not uncommon or surprising that doors can freeze shut and locks can become almost next to useless as they too freeze.

And as you can imagine, lock snapping and keys breaking in locks are the most common emergency locksmith call out problem – sometimes when wiggling a key in the lock, patience can most certainly be lost.

To help make sure we don’t have a `key snapping in a frozen lock epidemic`, we’ve pulled together a couple of pointers to answer the aged old question, “how can I keep my locks from freezing”, which includes:

* Spraying de-icer in and around the lock to help unblock the ice or alternatively using graphited lock fluid – a little messy but effective.

* Heating your key up slightly can also help – but please safety notice: don’t do this if the key has a plastic top, and also please heat the key up responsibly and watch for burning fingers.

* Using Vaseline on the key, which will help manoeuvre it into the lock and then allow you to wiggle it about as the ice will soon start to melt too with the gel substance.

If these top tips have come a little bit too late and you find yourself in the situation where your key has snapped in the lock, then it’s time to call a locksmith. Plus, as you were probably on your way somewhere when the dreaded event happened, you’ll need a reliable emergency locksmith. Someone who can be with you in 30 minutes, who doesn’t charge you the earth and who will still provide you with a top-class service.

Yes, you’ve probably guessed it…our professional and fully qualified locksmiths at Tyne Tees Locks can offer you all of the above and much more.

We can help repair the lock, offer a key cutting service, as well as check for damage around seals and frames to make sure that by the time we leave, everything is 100% secure and in great working order.

Oh, and in an emergency, we also guarantee to be with you within 30minutes!

The cold weather does prove to be a problem when it comes to keeping keys and locks working together coherently. So, if you do find yourself in a little bit of a frosty spot, and you are looking for a locksmith in the Northeast, then look no further than our fully accredited engineers at Tyne Tees Locks.

You can contact us at anytime on 0191 438 6595 or for any emergencies please call 0191 438 6595 and our friendly team will be on hand to help, fix your problem and put your mind at rest.

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