Doors and their locks

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There are now an awful lot of different doors to opt for when it comes to finding the perfect front and back doors for our homes. 

These can range from UPVC and composite doors, sliding doors, patio doors, bi-fold doors and more, and can also come in different colours with some species being made to measure.   

Whether you would like to change your existing door with a like for like replacement, or you’re in the process of modernising your home and looking for a set of bi-fold doors to add the finishing touch, knowing what each of these doors offers when it comes to your home security is essential. 

Doors and their locks

Just like they come in a range of colours and sizes, doors also offer different types of locks and security elements. 

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the most popular doors currently available matched with the locking mechanism they come with. 

Door Ranges and Types 


UPVC doors are considered very low maintenance and life-long products.  Unlike wooden doors, they won’t rot over time, and paint doesn’t chip, flake or fade!  They also come in a wide selection with many different types of patterned and coloured glass options to choose from. 

UPVC doors are considered extremely secure due to their plastic frame and key operated multi-point locking systems.  These types of locking mechanisms are most commonly found in UPVC doors and windows, bolting the door into the frame, locking at multiple points by turning the key. 

These multiple locks come in either a 5 or 3 multi-point locking system, with 3 being the minimum locking points found on UPVC doors. 


Composite doors are made from different materials rather than just one, allowing them to be a little bit more specific and unique in presentation.  They’re also much denser than UPVC doors for example and are strong, reliable, durable and secure. 

Composite doors offer an incredibly sturdy frame, combined with glass-reinforced plastic, built to stop unwelcome visitors from entering a property. 

Available in different colours and with glass options also available, composite doors are a popular choice found in many modern-day homes. 

As with UPVC when it comes to locks and the security mechanisms installed, a multi-point locking system is also in use on composite doors.  The difference between these two doors is the frame and the density of the door, matched with the multi-point locking system, composite doors do on this occasion offer a higher level of security. 

Note:  Cylinder locks can also be used on composite doors but make sure to opt for anti-snap cylinders to increase security. 

French Doors  

French doors are often found as double doors, opening outwards into gardens or patios, mainly from conservatories or dining rooms into back gardens.  These doors are often full panel glass doors, and when opened out, they will open to the full width of the door. 

The most commolocks found on French doors is the key operated 5 lever mortise lock, which we would also recommend (where appropriate) be supplemented by mortise rack bolts and hinge bolts. 

If the standard mortise locks aren’t suitable, you can also opt for the multi-point locking system, the second most common French door lock! 

Sliding Patio Doors 

Patio doors are similar to French doors, but their sliding option lets you achieve a much wider opening space and takes up (or certainly gives the impression) a lot less room.  However, with sliding patio doors, only half of the space can be open at any one time. 

Sliding patio doors are also a little more vulnerable than most as runners can be tampered with and easily lifted.  Patio door locks, which are key operated at the top and bottom can help prevent intruders from breaking in as well as looking into the possibility of anti-lift devices. 

Bi-Fold Doors 

Bi-folds are growing in popularity as people are looking to modernise their home, let in as much light as possible, and provide much more space.  Bi-fold doors are just that, doors that fold.  They fold back in sections, like a concertina (which they can also be known as), offering full glass panelling and folding back completely to the wall with a very small frame constructed in place. 

Bi-Fold doors range from wood, UPVC, and aluminium, so you have a choice when it comes to finding the most suitable and best solution for your home.  These doors are strong and made to last, offering a great alternative to French and sliding patio doors. 

Most bi-fold doors come with multi-point locking mechanisms as well as inline tracking systems too.  You can also look to install Twinpoint locks, drop bolts, childproof locks and keyed locks to increase the level of security. 

Looking for someone who knows locks? 

When it comes to replacing locks on doors, upgrading your locking systems, repairing old locks or adding additional locks to doors, you need not only someone you can trust but someone who knows a thing or two about locks! 

At Tyne Tees Locks, we’re a local locksmith who has been operating throughout the Northeast for many years; our team is highly trained in all manner of locks, mechanisms and different security systems. 

We work with you, offering the best solutions and locking systems out there to meet your needs.  All British Standards approved and kitemarked; we also know what insurance companies look for too! 

Speak to a member of Tyne Tees Locks today and learn how we can help you find the perfect lock for your chosen door. 

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