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Finding a Trusted Locksmith in Your Area

Looking for a locksmith in Newcastle is harder than you might think. Not because of the lack of locksmiths, no – it’s because it is extremely hard to find a locksmith you can trust. Why? Because anyone can promote themselves as a locksmith, as bizarrely the locksmith industry is one of the few remaining sectors  … Read more

How to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Losing your car keys can be a drag sometimes, especially when you’re in a hurry. Here at Tyne Tees Locks, we have vast experience with this particular issue, so we know how essential those particular keys can be, and we also know how common and disturbing losing your car keys can be. The worst-case scenario  … Read more

Things to Do When Buying Replacement Car Keys

replacement car keys Car key technology is reaching higher levels of sophistication. This reduces the risk of getting your car stolen and, in some cases, it can make life much more convenient for you as the car owner. When your car keys are lost or stolen, however, this means that you may be facing an  … Read more

Locked Out of My Car – Helpful Tips

To err is human. This is especially true when it comes to getting locked out of your car. People that find themselves in this situation often do so because they were late and in haste.     Nothing can be as troublesome and inconvenient as having your car keys locked inside your car. Not only is there  … Read more