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How are your lock picking skills?

Firstly, let us make it clear, we’re not endorsing anyone to go out and start picking locks. However, we do think it’s important to know the basics of lock picking in case they’re needed in an emergency. The Basics The most common lock mechanism is that of a pin tumbler. Pin tumblers use a series  … Read more

What does a professional locksmith look like?

A professional locksmith: someone who knows their trade and can do much more than replace and install locks and keys. Much more. With the number of rogue locksmiths on the rise, finding and working with a professional locksmith has never been so important. What can a professional locksmith do: Cut all types of keys, i.e.,  … Read more

Reasons to change your door locks. Now!

Locks inevitably help us to keep our properties and our belongings safe. They make us feel secure in our homes, provide us with confidence that when we’re not at home, or even if we’re in the garden relaxing or playing, our homes are secure. But why should you change your locks, and why change them  … Read more

Maintaining your UPVC windows and doors

UPVC is installed in many homes and businesses across the Northeast and has vast become the material of choice when it comes to windows and doors.  To avoid problems with UPVC doors and windows however, they need to be maintained.   Nothing lasts forever.  But we can increase the lifespan of UPVC products and keep them  … Read more

Signs That You’re Working With a Bad Locksmith

It sounds like a pretty ominous title, and the unfortunate truth is that there are, as in every industry, rogue traders out there. The locksmith industry has seen its fair share of scam artists hitting the headlines over the years, and at Tyne Tees Locks we work with our customers reminding everyone to always ask  … Read more

When would you need an Emergency Locksmith?

Do You Need an Emergency Locksmith? Emergency Locksmith, Do I need one? Have you ever been locked out of your home? Or have you ever faced a situation where you left the key inside your car and locked the door? Well, the first person you must have looked out for is a locksmith. They have  … Read more

Tis the season

‘Tis the Season To Be Careful. Tis the season for the most wonderful time of year. You’re organised, prepared, sorted and ready for the eventful time that is Christmas. You’ve managed to hide all the presents from the kids and you have stocked up on everyone’s favourite tipple. The turkey will soon be ready to  … Read more

A difference in generations

Home Security – A Generation’s perspective New research recently conducted by door and window hardware manufacturer HOPPE UK, has highlighted how much more security conscious younger generations are, compared to those aged over 65. Their research shows that as the clocks go back, over three-quarters of homeowners aged between 18-34 worry more about their home security.  … Read more

Advice on what to do if you get locked out

I’m Locked Out – What Now? It’s one of those things which happens to everyone at least once in our lifetime. Getting locked out. It can be a nightmare and to be honest a stressful time. You go through what we locksmiths call “the locked out stages of emotion”. For example, you’re in disbelief that  … Read more

Locksmith Pricing

How Much Will A Locksmith’s Services Cost? As with many trades, the price of a locksmith can depend on a variety of factors. If you’re lucky you’ll likely only use a locksmith a couple of times throughout your life. Many people have never even had the need to use a locksmith. With this is mind  … Read more