How do locks work and which are the best?

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The Best Locks and How it Works

Finding the Best Locks for your Safety.

Security is a major concern in residences! No matter whether you live in an apartment or a bungalow, you need to make sure that your home is safe and secure. Technology has advanced and new safety devices for the home have been introduced. Despite all the advancement in technology, doors remain fundamental to the safety of a home. Whether you are moving into a new home or simply want the lock of your door changed, there are numerous types of locks. Depending on your personal preference, budget, and interiors of your home, you need to make a choice of a door lock. Getting the right lock fitted is the key to a safe and secure home. Even insurance companies assess the security level of your property and the quality of door locks while validating your insurance policy.

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Before you select a lock, you need to know the common types of locks available in the market. It includes –

  • Tumbler Locks –Secure and sophisticated, tumbler locks are also commonly known as Yale locks. This type of locks uses a locking mechanism consisting of pins of varying lengths in case of pin tumbler locks. For wafer tumbler locks, the mechanism involves the use of flat wafers.  They use a series of spring-loaded pins or wafers and are one of the most commonly used locks for doors.
  • Mortice Deadlocks –Installed inside the door, mortice locks can further be classified into different types. One of the most common types is the 5 lever mortice deadlocks. Mortise means a lock that requires a pocket to be cut in the door. A deadlock is operated using a key only on the outside and a key or turn knob on the inside. A deadbolt that can be locked and unlocked by keys on both sides are recommended by insurance companies
  • Multi-point locking system – In the case of modern homes, the multi-point locking system is quite popular. It gives a high level of security as the door locks on multiple points at the turn of a key.

Tips for getting the right lock fitted

  • Location – First understand where you want the lock to be fitted. Do you want a lock for the bedroom doors or the main door of your home? Depending on the location, you need to select the type of lock. For example, mortice locks are preferable for the main doors of a property as they are more secure. For simple entry system like bedrooms, you can opt for simple tubular locks.
  • Lock or non-locking function – Once you decide the location, you need to analyze the functionality of the lock. Are you looking for a lock that bolts the door automatically on closing or are you looking for a simple lever or knob? This will depend on the privacy of the area the door is securing and the level of security required.
  • Material – The type of lock you choose is also dependent on the material and composition of the door. Locks sustained by PVC doors are different than locks suitable for wooden doors. The door elements should also be able to sustain weather changes, corrosion, and other problems.

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