Interested in Becoming a Locksmith?

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Locksmithing can sometimes be one of those trades that unless you know someone who works in this area or it is maybe part of a family business, it might be almost a forgotten career. 

However, locksmiths have always been part of everyday life, dating back to Ancient Egyptian times where locksmiths were known to be respected and revered trades people – and this is something that has never changed.   

Job of a locksmith

There has always been a need for locksmiths as even from Ancient times, there has always been a need to protect and secure certain valuables and goods. 

Of course, back then locksmiths worked with wooden locks and keys well before metal works and industrial manufacturing took over helping to create and develop better more modern locking mechanisms fit for the times.    

And throughout all of this and over the thousands of years that have passed locksmiths have continued to be at the top of their game, reinventing security systems and providing help to communities when it comes to protecting what’s valuable to them! 

Passion for locksmithing 

So yes, ultimately becoming a locksmith is all about locks and how to manipulate locking mechanisms all whilst causing the least amount of damage.   

For many of us, entering into the world of locksmithing started with our passion (and OCD nature) for being able to understand a locking system, knowing how to use simple tricks and tools to open locks as well setting ourselves a challenge of being able to get into any lock without causing any damage! 

Having the passion as well as the drive and curiosity when it comes to everything associated with locks certainly helps to pave the way for a great career. 

Today, there are a number of qualifications and Apprenticeships provided within the industry, to support the learning and development in this area.  This level of education also helps to raise the bar when it comes to quality and standards within the industry as now it isn’t simply the case that anyone can claim to be a professional locksmith just because they’re good at opening doors! 

Qualifications can include a Certificate or Diploma through local colleges and training centres, but you will also find that many of these qualifications can be taken through a number of locksmith Associations. 

The role of a locksmith 

It’s easy to say that the role of a locksmith is to simply help people get back into their homes, offices or cars when they find themselves locked out – yes it’s a big part of it, but our jobs really don’t stop there!   

For example, our role can also include helping with security upgrades to property, replacing or repairing broken locks, fitting completely new locks or installing new security features.  Also working with offices to help with safes (from installation and removal to gaining access).   Replacing window locks, key cutting, adding additional locks to outhouses and more! 

It is all of these elements combined that require a certain level of skill, a steady hand and a lot of patience! 

At Tyne Tees Locks, all of our locksmiths are fully qualified as well as being CRB and DSB checked and vetted.  As we’re entering and working in people’s properties this is a requirement that we ask for from all of our locksmiths, as we aim to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service and providing that all important peace of mind. 

We’re a family run business with the key skills in being able to provide you with: 

  • Door and lock repairs 
  • All types of locks supplied and fitted 
  • Replacement of lost or stolen keys 
  • Access  
  • Home security upgrades 
  • UPVC locks on windows and doors 
  • Garage door / outhouse locks 
  • Deadlocks 
  • Night latches and much much more! 

Take it from us, developing a career as a locksmith is great, everyday is different and you get the opportunity to meet a lot of different people.  There’s some great advice now available online about locksmith qualifications and Apprenticeships and if you have any specific questions or would like to find out more from Tyne Tees Locks, we’d love to hear from you! 


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