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Home Security – A Generation’s perspective

A difference in generation on how much more security conscious younger generations are, compared to those aged over 65.

New research recently conducted by door and window hardware manufacturer HOPPE UK, has highlighted how much more security conscious younger generations are, compared to those aged over 65.

Their research shows that as the clocks go back, over three-quarters of homeowners aged between 18-34 worry more about their home security. Whereas 60% of those over the age of 65 stated that they don’t tend to worry more.

The difference in perceptions and also feelings is interesting to read about especially when it comes down to the security of your own home.

Unfortunately levels of security have increased over the years and our perceptions and fears about our security have also grown with this.

What is interesting to note from this research is that ALL respondents reported their front door as being their first priority if they were looking to improve the security of their home.

This is probably the most obvious as it’s the one thing (besides an open window) that is the most visible. Plus it’s the one thing no matter how OCD we are, we check, what seems to be like 100 times a day, to make sure we’ve actually locked it, or shut it properly, or whatever else we do when we feel the need to go back and check that everything is safe and secure.

The good news is to upgrade the security on your door, doesn’t have to cost the earth and in most instances it also doesn’t mean you need a new front door!

Changing and adding simple things can help. Such as more secure door handles and locking mechanisms, door latches, door viewers (peep holes), door jammers and even outside lighting (sensors are especially effective in the darker nights).

We’d also recommend that if you are looking to upgrade the security on your front door that you also look at the rest of your home. Sometimes it’s not just the obvious things which we think of and can remember. Having a security check carried out by a professional will help. We look at every angle and include outhouses etc. Making recommendations, not to scare you but to give you the full picture.

Of course with security levels being heightened so is trust levels. At Tyne Tees Locksmiths we want to assure you that all of our locksmiths are CRB checked and fully qualified. We’re a family run business and work with both our residential and commercial customers to offer you the very best when it comes to home security and customer service.

If you would like us to carry out a security check on your home then please

contact us today on 0191 438 6595, we’d be happy to help!

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