Our 5 lock brand recommendations

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Lock Brands – Our Top Choices

Top 5 Lock Brand Recommendations

So you need a new lock but you’re not sure who to trust, which brands are good vs bad, which brand will give you the best bang for your buck but also keep your doors and windows nice and secure. Well we’re here to help.


There is many many lock brands out there, some bigger than others, some more reputable than others. We’ll give you a quick breakdown of 5 popular lock brands we believe are affordable and provide good security for your home. Bare in mind that pretty much all locks can be picked or broken in one way or another. The aim here is give you some Locksmith insight in to which lock brands are trusted to provide good security, longevity and trustworthiness.


You’ve probably already heard of this one. There’s a good chance at one point or another you’ve spotted Yale written across one of your keys or on the lock itself. This gives you an idea about how popular these locks are. Yale is a pioneer behind modern-day lock systems and are trusted the world over.


Kwikset immensely popular lock brand, especially in the US. They’re well-known for their affordability without compromising on quality. For this reason they are rather popular with many locksmiths.


This is often the go-to solution for many people for home and commercial security. Yale, Medeco, ASSA and Abloy all operate under this umbrella. ASSA-Abloy have the ability to come up with almost any level of security you require, from your home to highly secure commercial buildings. As you’ve probably guessed the more secure high-end options tend to cost a bit more.


Often claimed to be unpickable, which to a certain degree, is true, Medeco locks have a lot of hype and trust. The people that have the skills to pick these locks, are probably more than skilled enough to have to break in to your home to burgle it. Although sometimes over-hyped, Medeco still remains a very trustworthy brand.


Now we’re getting close to unpickable, and as far yet, actually unpickable. Evva isn’t as well known as some of the other brands on this list but that doesn’t mean it can put up one hell of a fight against someone trying to pick it. One of the main reasons for the trust behind this brand is their MCS model which is a very complex magnetic lock system. There’s a lot of trust within the locksmith community for this brand, but they can be a bit more expensive.

Still not sure which brand is the best for you? Call Tyne Tees Locks and we can advise you on the best lock for your individual circumstances.http://www.locksmiths.co.uk/faq/lock-snapping-most-secure-lock-cylinder/

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